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Consignors: Please print a flyer for the sale and help spread the word! When the sale grows, you sell more!

If you have quality gently used kids items from clothing to toys to baby equipment you can consign with us and make some money! Plus you'll get to shop early at the Consignors-Only Sale for better selection and smaller crowds. Just gather up your items, put tags on everything, and drop it all off...

So clean out those closets! You'll keep 2/3 of your selling price. If you want to earn even more, check out the opportunity to be a Star volunteer!












Please read through guildelines & requirements so this event can be a success for everyone.

-Consignors set their own prices
-Consignors will be paid 2/3 of the selling price of each item     (*Star volunteers earn 75%*)
-Consignors determine how much money they make by how many quality items they bring and   how items are presented and priced
-Consignors have the opportunity to shop early at the Consignors Only Sale
-$9.00 consignor fee will be deducted from your earnings.

Registering to consign:

Please Register as a consignor even if you have sold with us before. We will email you within 24 hours with your seller number and instructions. Returning consignors will have the same seller number. If you don't get an email with your consignor information, please email us. Make sure you check your spam folder!

If you have any questions, please email us at info@kidaroundkidsale.com


Consignors and volunteers shop at special designated sale hours before the public.

Super & Star Volunteers Shop   Thursday March 22nd...9am-9pm

Volunteers &
Consignors using all white (donate) tags Shop
  Thursday March 22nd...12pm-9pm

Consignors Shop   Thursday March 22nd...1pm-9pm

Public Shopping   Friday March 23rd...9am-9pm
                            Saturday March 24th...9am-5pm
                            Sunday March 25th...12pm-5pm

Consignors get to shop before the public, but if you are a real bargain hunter we invite you to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to shop FIRST, by signing up to VOLUNTEER. You’ll avoid the crowds, get the best selection, and share some fun time with other adults! Check out Volunteers.


Checks will be mailed shortly after the sale, on or before April 3rd.
*For sellers using MyConsignmentManager to make tags, checks may take a few days longer to process* if you don't have your check by April 13th, please call us to send a replacement.


KidAround KidSale accepts almost anything babies and children use! This list is only a guideline. If you have questions about an item, please email us at info@kidaroundkidsale.com

Please bring your best items in excellent condition only.

Items to bring:

  • Clothing sizes newborn-20. Please keep in mind that your off-season clothing is less likely to sell. Coats and sweaters will sell better at our Fall sale, and bathing suits and shorts are best brought to the Spring sale. All clothing needs to be in good condition, clean & on hangers. Please fasten all snaps, buttons, zippers, etc.

  • Infant and Children's shoes. Please bring no more than 5 pairs clean shoes in great condition. (volunteers may bring unlimited shoes)
  • Baby gear and Equipment including strollers, swings, highchairs, bouncers, bathtubs, exersaucers, carriers, backpacks, slings, play centers, crib bedding, mobiles, monitors, bottles, feeding accessories, breastpumps, diapering supplies, bibs, hats, crib toys, toys, boppies, diaper bags, car seats, etc. - If a carseat is going to be consigned it must be less than 5 years old and must not have been in an accident.
  • Furniture - armoires, bookshelves, children's desks, cribs, cradles, changing tables, dressers, toy boxes, gliders, rocking chairs, toddler beds, twin beds, pack n plays, train tables, etc.
  • Toys of all kinds. Please make sure they are complete and in working order. Battery operated toys should have batteries installed.
  • Books, puzzles, DVDs, audio CDs, videos, games, parenting books, pregnancy books.
  • Outdoor Equipment-wagons, playhouses, bicycles, tricycles, ride-on toys, goals, slides, sandboxes, tunnels, climbing equipment, picnic tables, sand tables, etc. THESE ITEMS ARE BIG SELLERS!
  • Maternity clothing - limited to 15 pieces in current styles.



Items we cannot accept at this tme:

  • NO Clothing with stains, tears, holes, or broken snaps/buttons/zippers.
  • NO Dirty, Worn out or out-of-date items

  • NO items with straight pins - OUCH!

  • NO Toys that are missing needed parts or pieces.
  • NO Stuffed animals
  • NO TVs or VHS tapes
  • NO Doorway jumpers
  • NO adult clothes/household items

Checking Items for Recall

Checking Baby Gear -- To see if your infant or child product (play yard, bassinet, stroller, etc.) has been recalled, please visit the CSPC website by clicking here. This will open a page on the cpsc.gov site with a list of products that have been recalled.

Scroll through the list, or use your browser window to search for your brand. Click on the Edit menu at the top and choose 'Find' from the options, type in your brand name, and click 'next' to see each item with that brand name.

Checking Toys -- To see if your toy has been recalled, please visit the CSPC website by clicking here. This will open a page on the cpsc.gov site with a list of all toys that have been recalled.

Scroll through the list, or use your browser window to search for your brand. Click on the Edit menu at the top and choose 'Find' from the options, type in your brand name, and click 'next' to see each item with that brand name.


The new safety law does not require resellers to test children's products for lead. However, resellers cannot sell children's products that exceed the lead limit and therefore should avoid products that are likely to contain lead. In the case of consignment events, consignors are the 'resellers', so it is important that everyone take precautions to ensure that the items they bring to the sale are not subject to recall.

We are committed to helping our consignors sell products that meet the safety standards of the CPSC. To ensure the safety of your children, we will not sell items noted in the statement -- recalled children's products, children's products that are likely to contain lead such as children's jewelry, painted metal toys, flimsy toys that are easily breakable into small parts or contain small parts that are not securely fastened and could present a choking hazard.

Consignors sign an agreement which states that all items they are selling do not, to the best of their knowledge, contain lead and are not subject to recall.

Together, we provide our community with an opportunity to buy quality, safe, gently used children's merchandise, and to get a great return for the children's items that are outgrown.

Safety Links:

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Toy Industry Association, Inc.

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

online resource for U.S. Government recalls

Safe Kids Worldwide

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

consolidated product safety information

list of various toy recall websites

The Family Education Network


When pricing your items please consider the age & condition for each item. Remember to look at each item as if you were looking to buy it for your child. When setting the price, ask yourself - How much would I spend for this item?

Prices should be in $1.00 increments. Unsure how to price an item? A good rule of thumb is 1/5 to 1/3 of the original retail amount, taking into consideration the age and condition. For new items, 1/3 to 2/3 is generally about right.

There will be a 50% OFF DISCOUNT on the last day of the sale. When filling out your tags, you must write "No Discount" clearly on the tag if you don't want your items discounted for the 50% OFF DAY.


Tags can be printed here

You will need:

*White or your color cardstock paper
-use white to donate your unsold items after the sale, or use your specified color cardstock to have your items sorted for pickup at the end of the sale

*Scissors or paper cutter

*Hole punch

*Zip ties (cable ties) for securing tags and items together

*Ziploc bags for toy or puzzle pieces, blankets, socks, etc.

*Masking / painters / packing tape - packaging tape works best for attaching tags to plastic bags, but may cause damage when used directly on items. Please use painter or masking tape when in doubt.

*Hangers - use child size or adult, plastic or wire...use whichever hangers your clothes will look best on

*Rubber bands or twist-ties to help you group all same sized and gender clothing together after tagging to make drop-off quicker.


Basic tag instructions:

*Tags contain the following information:
  • SELLER # - This is the code assigned to each seller at registration, it will be a 4-digit number
  • SIZE - Fill in the size if the item is clothing. Leave blank for all other items
  • DESCRIPTION - Please include as much information as possible, brand name, color, item specifics. Include any information a potential buyer might want to know. Indicate # of pieces if more than one. A good description helps if your tag becomes separated from an item.
  • PRICE - Please use increments of $1.00. We will round down any prices which include smaller increments.
  • If you do not want an item to sell at 50% off on Sunday, you MUST write "No Discount" clearly on your tag.

Please do not cross out or change information you already have on your tags. We have no way to know if this was done by you, and might not sell your item. Please make a new tag.
Please use CARDSTOCK PAPER for tags. (This is the thickness of an index card) If you use other paper i.e., construction, regular printing paper, etc the tag may detach from your items and be lost. Office supply stores and Kinkos sell cardstock in packages and individual sheets.

Print tags on color cardstock if you wish to pick up unsold items at the end of the sale. Which color cardstock you use is based on the beginning character of your seller number (letter or number). Any items printed on white will be donated, and will not get sorted for pick-up.

Printer settings may need to be adjusted to make tags print properly. If they are not coming out correctly, try adjusting your printer settings to 'borderless'. If you cannot get the .pdf to open, or you can't print it, contct us and we will find a solution.

table test
If your last name begins begins with:
Print tags on this color:
A - C
D - G
H - K
Pink or Red
L - Q
R - S
T - Z

Print tags on white cardstock if you wish to have unsold items donated to charity.

We do a cardstock swap at dropoff and pickup, so if you have cardstock in a color other than yours, bring it and we will trade for cardstock in your color. Walmart, Target, and Michaels carry cardstock in multi-color packs, so you can buy these and we will trade all the extra colors for the one you need. You can find full reams in your color at Kinkos.

Be sure to indicate whether your items should be marked down for the 1/2 price sale by circling 'yes' or 'no' in the space provided (or by checking the box in the online inventory)

Please use numeric sizing (0-3m, 3T, 6x) not S-M-L for children's clothing.


Attaching tags:

Punch a hole in the tag -be sure not to punch a hole through any of the information!

Use a zip tie (cable tie) to attach the tag to the item. Use the collar tag, belt loop, button hole, etc. If there is no place to attach a zip-tie, use a safety pin as a last resort, but please try to use a zip-tie if possible. Pins are harder to remove and may leave holes in your garments. NO STICK PINS - OUCH!

Make sure the tag is visable from the front of the item

Please point hangers to the left (like a question mark)

Shoes should be zip-tied together if possible, and may be placed in a plastic bag with the tag attached to the shoes

Any loose parts should be put in bags and attached securely to the item they go with. Seal parts bags with packing tape.


Please use CARDSTOCK PAPER for tags. (This is the thickness of an index card) If you use other paper i.e., construction, regular printing paper, etc the tag may detach from your items and be lost.

If you decide to change price or discount info, please make a new tag.

Remember to use WHITE CARDSTOCK for your tags if you wish to donate unsold items after the sale, and YOUR COLOR cardstock if you wish to pick up unsold items.


  • Please use an inkjet or laser printer with a normal (not fine) print setting. Faded barcodes or those that are too dark may not work because the lines bleed into each other. The barcode needs to appear crisp and clear.

  • Set your printer to maximum print area (no margins), so it doesn't cut off the bottom of the page.

  • Be sure to print one page of tags first to make sure they print correctly, before printing all of your tags (seems obvious, but we forget almost every time!)

  • If you prefer, you can print your tags on regular thin copy paper and then take them to the office supply store where they can copy your tags on cardstock. OR, you can save your tags and take / email the file to a copy center to be printed.



Kidaround Kidsale offers a streamlined drop-off experience. We will put all of your items out to sell, all you need to do is drop it off!

All hanging items must be sorted by size and gender. Please use rubber bands, twist ties, garment bags or some other method to group your items together. Once there, please check in and sign your Consignor Agreement, and don't forget your shopping passes for the consignors-only sale!

Tuesday March 20th...12pm - 9pm
Wednesday March 21st...9am - 12pm

*Drop-off & Pick-up are at the rear of the building next to the skateboard park. (Look for lots of minivans)
Call Julie 919-413-4956 if you can't find us.


Monday March 26th...12pm-5pm

Consignors may also schedule appointments for late pick up between 5pm-9pm



Kidaround Kidsale would like to make a difference in someone’s life and we are asking for your help in making that possible. If there are any items which you would be willing to donate to families in our community in the event they don't sell during the event, please use WHITE Cardstock to make your tags. We will donate them to a variety of local charities and churches.

Consignors who use all white tags shop 1 hour early with the volunteers!

Any questions, please email info@kidaroundkidsale.com or call Julie 413-4956