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To make tags with your seller number and barcode, please enter your seller number in the box and click the button. This will open a .pdf document. If you have any trouble opening this, please email or call us.
Seller #:

*Tags contain the following information:
  • SELLER # - This is the code assigned in your confirmation email, it will be a 4-digit number.
  • SIZE - Fill in the size if the item is clothing. Leave blank for all other items
    Please use numeric sizing (0-3m, 3T, 6x) not S-M-L for children's clothing.
  • DESCRIPTION - Please include as much information as possible, brand name, color, item specifics. Include any information a potential buyer might want to know. Indicate # of pieces if more than one. A good description sells your item, and helps if your tag becomes separated from an item.
  • PRICE - Please use increments of $1.00. We will round down any prices which include smaller increments.
  • DISCOUNT - If you do not want your item discounted on the last day, you must write 'no discount' clearly on the tag.


Please use CARDSTOCK PAPER for tags. (This is the thickness of an index card, and can be found at all office supply stores or from us at the sale) If you use other paper i.e., construction, regular printing paper, etc the tag may detach from your items and be lost. Office supply stores and Kinkos sell cardstock in packages and individual sheets.

Print tags on colored cardstock if you wish to pick up unsold items at the end of the sale. Which color cardstock you use is based on the beginning character of your seller number (letter or number). Any items printed on white will be donated, and will not get sorted for pick-up.

table test
4 character Seller number begins with:
Print tags on this color:
Letter A - C
Number 1
Letter D - K
Number 2 or 3
L - Q
Number 4
R - S
Number 5
T - Z
Number 6

Print tags on white cardstock if you wish to have unsold items donated to charity.