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To make tags with your seller number and barcode, enter your seller number in the box and click the button. This will open a .pdf document.

Seller #:

Tagging Notes

Tags Contain the Following:

  • SELLER # - This is the code assigned to each seller at registration, it will be 4 characters.
  • SIZE - Fill in the size if the item is clothing. Leave blank for all other items
  • DESCRIPTION - Please include as much information as possible, brand name, color, item specifics. Include any information a potential buyer might want to know. Indicate # of pieces if more than one. A good description helps if your tag becomes separated from an item.
  • PRICE - Please use increments of $1.00. We will round down any prices which include smaller increments.
  • If you do not want an item to sell at 50% off on Sunday, you MUST write "No Discount" clearly along the BOTTOM your tag.


Please do not cross out or change information on tags. We have no way to know if this was done by you, and might not sell your item. Please make a new tag.
Please use CARDSTOCK PAPER for tags. (This is the thickness of an index card). Office supply stores sell cardstock in packages and individual sheets. Walmart and Target have in multi-color packs.

Print tags on color cardstock if you wish to pick up unsold items at the end of the sale. See chart below. Any items printed on white will be donated, and will not be sorted for pick-up.

Printer settings may need to be adjusted for tags to print properly. If they are not printing correctly, try adjusting your printer settings to 'borderless', also try saving the PDF and reopening it. If you cannot open or print it, contct us and we will find a solution.

Please don't tape over the bottom half of the tag when attaching to items. Tape often interferes with scanning barcodes, and makes tag removal difficult.

table test
Last Name / Seller number begins with:
Print tags on this color:
A - C
D - K
L - Q
R - S
T - Z

Print tags on white cardstock if you wish to have unsold items donated to charity.

Attaching tags:

Punch a hole in the tag ... Try to not be too close to the edge so your tag doesn't rip off accidentally.

Use a zip tie or ribbon to attach the tag to the item. Use the collar tag, belt loop, button hole, etc. If there is no place to attach a tag, use a safety pin or tagging gun. Pins and tagging guns and may leave holes in your garments. Please try to find a spot to attach the pin that won't ruin your clothing.

Try to attach the tag so it is easily visible from the front of the item

Please point hangers to the left as shown

Shoes should be zip-tied together if possible, or placed in a plastic bag with the tag attached to the shoes

Any loose parts should be put in bags and attached securley to the item they go with. Sealing bags with packing tape is a good idea.

When using tape to attach tags, please tape over the top half of the tag only


  • Set your printer to maximum print area (no margins), so it doesn't cut off the bottom of the page.

  • Be sure to print one test page of tags first to make sure they print correctly, before printing all of your tags (seems obvious, but we forget almost every time!)

  • If you prefer, you can print your tags on regular thin copy paper and then take them to the office supply store where they can copy your tags on cardstock. OR, you can save your tags and take / email the file to a copy center to be printed.

Consigners may also generate tags using the MyConsignmentSale Online Tagging System. You will need to set up an account with them using the seller number we assign you.

Any questions, please email info@kidaroundkidsale.com